Our Story

Madi Dawn Beauty is a beauty brand that is inclusive and accessible for everyone. We celebrate diversity, individuality, strength, openness, and joyfulness – all qualities that make our world more beautiful. We focus on the importance of loving yourself, building confidence, self-care, body positivity, and embracing who you are. With our products, we hope to reinforce this idea of self-love and appreciation for who you are. When you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. When you feel confident, you are confident. Beauty is defined differently by every one of us, and the way we define beauty is what makes us all unique. Our goal: Encourage you to explore your unique sense of style through self-expression. We want to help you define your own beauty standards. We appreciate you being badass enough to live life on your own terms and to feel beautiful on your own terms.  

For years, the voice in my head would say, “you’re not good enough” or “you need to work harder.” One day I decided I needed to learn to love and trust myself more. I found myself moving to a big city alone, where I learned how much confidence can change over time when we take risks for ourselves, practice self-love and appreciate who we are. Being confident is about loving yourself unconditionally and feeling beautiful wearing whatever style you feel suits you with pride. I’ve learned that whatever I like and enjoy is the beauty standard for me. I want to share that experience of looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful, help people grow their confidence and self-esteem, and teach people to love themselves unconditionally. And so, I founded Madi Dawn Beauty in May 2021.